Weed Abatement Process

  • Declaration of Public Nuisance - The program begins with the City Council, through resolution, declaring weeds and rubbish to be a public nuisance, and an Abatement Hearing scheduled to provide property owners with an opportunity to object or protest the proposed removal of weeds, rubbish and/or refuse from their property.
  • Notice and Order to Abate - Upon adoption of the resolution by the City Council following the abatement hearing, all properties listed have until June 1 to voluntarily abate weeds, rubbish and/or refuse from the property at their own expense.
  • Abatement Ordered - City staff will re-inspect the properties beginning on June 1st to determine compliance. If not voluntarily abated by this date, city staff will retain a private contractor to clean the properties.
  • Cost of Abatement - A bill will be mailed to the property owner for the cost of abatement. The bill will include the cost of the cleanup plus an administrative fee. If payment is not received within 30 days, an assessment on that property will be placed on the County Tax Rolls.