Refuse Collection Days

The City of Kerman contracts with Mid Valley Disposal for solid waste and recycling services. Containers are provided by the city on newly constructed homes and Mid Valley replaces containers for existing service customers. Contact Mid Valley Disposal at 559-843-2467 with questions regarding the use of containers, if carts are broken or if there was a problem with your regular pick up.

Complete the Application for Utility Services (PDF) and deliver to Kerman City Hall,

Rules & Regulations

  • Do not overfill containers. Do not place items larger than 4-feet inside containers. Lids should close.
  • Allow 3-feet clearance between the trash/recycle/green waste containers and 6-feet from other objects such as vehicles and fences.
  • No sobrellene los contenedores. No coloque articulos mas de 4-pies de largo. Las tapaderas deben cerrar.
  • Permita 3-pies de distancia entre contenedores y 6 pies de otros objectos como auto o cerco.