The City of Kerman is proud to offer attractive parks, encompassing 47 acres of open space. All parks are open Sunday through Saturday Open at 7 am to Dusk.

Parks are classified by acreage, the area they serve and their features. At one end are mini parks with limited features - these parks are maybe within walking distance of your home. Community parks have natural beauty and many facilities/activities that can be used by large segments of the population.

Types of Parks

  • Mini parks address limited, unique recreational and beautification space where a larger park is not possible.
  • Linear parks are parks that are substantially longer that they are wide. They do not afford facilities or equipment for exercise or play. They can have benches or trials.
  • Neighborhood parks are for children and families and include play apparatus and areas for field games.
  • Community parks are used by all ages and usually include areas for walking, bicycling, viewing, sitting and picnicking, as well as athletic fields and areas for court games.
  • School park/recreation facilities located at educational facilities.