Animal Control

It is the policy of the City of Kerman to regulate and control animals in a manner consistent with current laws and City ordinances. Animal Control works to keep the public safe, protect animals, and to help pet owners be responsible neighbors.

The Kerman Animal Shelter is only a temporary holding facility and does not conduct adoptions. Dogs that are impounded are held for 6 business day, not including the day of impoundment (Food and Agricultural Code section 31108).

  1. Fees

Licenses Fees

  • 1 Year
    • Sprayed/Neutered: $5
    • Not Sprayed/Neutered: $17
  • 2 Years
    • Sprayed/Neutered: $6
    • Not Sprayed/Neutered: $30
  • 3 Years
    • Sprayed/Neutered: $10
    • Not Sprayed/Neutered: $40

Dog License (PDF) may be obtained at 850 S Madera Avenue

  1. Harmful Food for Pets
  1. Harmful Household Items
  1. Lost and Found
  1. Vaccinations